Retouching and Restoration

Welcome to Dapplecreek Photo Retouching and Restoration!  We do powerful magic to make your treasured photos picture perfect once more.

Photo Restoration Services

We can repair rips, tears and missing chunks, and bring faded photos back to their original glory. We can also restore colors which have shifted.

Torn photo restoration example

faded photo restoration example

color restoration example

Photo Retouching Services

We can adjust exposure, sharpness, color, and texture. We can remove distractions from the background (or an ex-boyfriend). We can also take two or more images and put them together.




Photo Archiving Services

We can scan your family photos to preserve them for future generations. But we can also teach you how to do it, too. See Archiving Photos.


Photo mischief

We like to play around, too. If you  have a need for some Photoshop mischief, keep us in mind!


But we have an important message for you:

TODAY – start this, or at least put it on your calendar!

  • Find your family photos. Or make this a project with Mom and Dad. Or the grandparents.
  • Go through the box and label each photo. Use a pencil on the back. Tell who is shown, and when and where the photo was taken. Add anything else of interest. YOU know who is in the photo (or you mother or grandma does). But when the one who knows passes, how will your kids know? It is very sad when I see a box of unlabeled photos – is that Uncle Fred, or just a passerby?
  • Decide which photos are critical. You should value age, rarity, and emotional attachment. You don’t need the photo of the tree across the street. But that photo of your first car is pretty important. See more:
  • Scan your photos! Use a good scanner if you can. But be sure to get them into computer form soon. Photographs are fragile, and are fading or falling apart. And they are at risk of fire, flood, and rodents. Once they’re on your computer, store them in cloud storage. (If you don’t know what that is, ask the kid next door.) And send a copy by DVD, CD, or USB drive to a relative out-of-state. That way any regional disaster won’t take out your collection.