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Leaving a legacy…


Rips and Tears

The client who took this photo many years ago nearly tossed this picture of her mother: it was rolled up into a one-inch tube. The major crack across her waist was cleanly ripped through across most of the photo, and was only connected by the paper at the far left. …


Color Changes

Colors change with age, and sometimes certain colors die young. We can restore proper color to your photos.


Removing Subjects and Objects

I’m not trying to make a statement about the relationship I have with my sister here (she’s a fine person, in fact), …


Isolation and Enlargement

This photo of a client’s great-grandfather was from a 1930’s military group photo. The picture was rolled tightly and covered with cracks; …


Cosmetic Surgery

In this photo, the singer’s neck was distorted and needed correction. Below, we removed the fellow’s age spots and tightened up his …


Making photos ‘pop’

Color, contrast, and sharpness retouching. We have our own photo lab in our brain, which intensifies and separates colors when we’re there. …


Product Retouching

Color balance and exposure fix, sharpening, change background to pure white, reconstruct obscured portion of ring.