About Dapplecreek

Dapplecreek Photo Retouching and Restoration is our family’s small business. We are the Stephensons, and we live on a pocket farm along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Southwest Virginia.

Dapplecreek’s Corporate Officers

Rini is the farmer, chief financial officer, head cook, and cheerleader. Rini studied at the University of California, at Santa Barbara and Riverside. While at UCR she studied with one of the world’s best illustrators. (She later taught there.) Rini is also the chief of our Quality Assurance Department. (Well, she IS our Quality Assurance Department.) Her eyes on a photo restoration are extra insurance that you’ll receive a good product.

 - Tim Stephenson
Tim is the Photoshop wizard. He’s been doing photography, graphic arts, and computer work since 1972. He had his own darkroom back in the chemicals-in-trays era, and went through miles of 35mm film. He also did technical illustration and was a street artist on three continents. Now he uses the newest version of Photoshop, along with a variety of other powerful tools. He enjoys studying retouching texts, and has encouraged many newbies in the field. For fun, he often takes photos of friends and Photoshops them into other pictures for a laugh. He recently added the face of bearded pal at work onto a photo of Gimli the Dwarf from Lord of the Rings.

Our Gear

We use the Nikon DSLR for digital photography these days. We are active on Facebook, and you’ll see before-and-after examples posted there. Tim also volunteers as a Facebook photo elf, retouching unhappy photos.

The Dapplecreek studio also has three scanners, two printers, two desktop computers, and three laptops. The many scanners and laptops are for remote work at reunions. There, family can socialize while we scan like mad. Their photos never get more than several dozen feet away, and they can take them home that evening.

Our Support Staff

Dapplecreek Photo Retouching and Restoration Staff
A cow, a dozen chickens, a couple of geese, and two farm dogs assist with Tim and Rini’s efforts.


Contact Information

Tim Stephenson
Dapplecreek Photo Retouching and Restoration
179 Bannock Burn Lane NW
Willis, VA 24380

540 577-0933