Thanks for visiting. My name is Tim and I retouch photos. I do free work on Facebook when the mood strikes, so that folks can get a taste of what I can do. This is a family business, though, and I charge for my work, if folks are pleased with it. I take the risk on myself, though: there’s no charge if you are not pleased.

Please visit my main website to see more samples and to upload photos. Scan your originals at 300 DPI or better (twice that or more if you want to do an enlargement). Use a flatbed scanner if you can, or get an office supply store to scan it for you. Then upload them or email them to me at tim@dapplecreek.com.

But in case you’re interested in what sort of prices we’re talking about…


Prices run from five bucks (rare) on up. Most of the time, the bill seems to be between $20 and $30. Simple fading or color restoration is often less than that, and severe damage would cost more. I try to give an estimate before doing the work, so you know what you might be getting into. I take payment through Square, a secure credit card processor, or you could mail me a check.

Here’s a $10 fix, which only needed whiter whites and the blacker blacks. I may have done a bit of shading, but that’s about all it took:


Here’s a $15 fix, involving color correction and sharpening only:


Here’s a $30 fix – it would have been half that, but the name at the bottom gave me fits:


Here’s a $40 fix: a fair amount of work went into this for all of the rips and tears:


And here’s a $60 fix. The extensive damage and the horrible 1970’s textured paper took a LOT of time to repair:


I hope to hear from you soon!