New Background

Many times folks take a great photo but one can see clutter or distractions in the background. We can retouch your photo to remove these – or remove an ‘ex’. We can even add an entirely new background.

Clutter removal

In this photo we removed the car and phone lines. We also sharpened it. Cute family, huh? That’s us… some time ago.

New Background example 4

Isolation and New Background

This photo of a client’s great-grandfather was from a 1930’s military group photo. The five foot wide picture was rolled up in a tube when we received it. It was covered with cracks, too. We scanned it in pieces and put it back together on the computer.  We then repaired the image and isolated the subject. Finally, we put him against a proper flag, to make a nice 8×10 for the family.

New Background example 1

Here’s another ‘isolation’ exercise. I posed to match the Civil War general, isolated my head, and parked it over the original. A bit of texture and color work and poof! I ‘m an officer!

New Background example 5

And this one is of an art-loving dog. The original was the dog on a lawn. We removed the grass, parked the dog on the bench, and added shadows. We also replaced the original artwork with something more to the dog’s tastes.


This shows retouching of a product. Originally this ring was being held up by a piece of plastic and some wax. But with a bit of work the background is now uncluttered.


Adding and Removing

In this new background, I removed my sister from the photo. Note that we get along well! But we wanted a photo of our dear mother, and my sister was just there to keep her from falling.

New Background example 2

In this example, the new background is made up of a couple of other people we added in:

New Background example 3