Photo Restoration

Photos fade. And sometimes they get ripped, torn, or defaced. Or the colors fall apart. We do photo restoration to revive your family photos and give them the honor they deserve.

Torn photo restoration: this photo was falling apart. It was one of the few the client had of her mother. We can replace torn-off corners, deal with rips, and erase folds.

photo restoration of damaged photo

Faded photo restoration: the scanner has much better eyes than we do! So we can pull information back from a faded photo that you won’t believe is still there.

photo restoration of faded photo

Color restoration: color pigments fade, and some fade faster than others. What happens then is you get a shift in the color. We can separate out the restoration efforts by color, and fiddle it until your photo looks brand new.

photo restoration of bad colors
This mid 60s photo shows my wife Rini at the far left. When I showed it to a client with Rini standing nearby, I remarked, “Check out the babe on the right!” as I motioned towards her. The client beamed, and said, “Why, you haven’t changed a bit!” (He got a discount.)

The History of Photo Restoration

I started with photography more than four decades ago. Back then, to fix a photo one would use teeny-tiny little brushes and paint or bleach on the print itself. Or you would take a picture and work on the negative itself with a magnifying glass and a very steady hand. There were no desktop computers, no scanners, and no Photoshop. (I used punch cards and a mainframe when I went to UCLA.)

Today, computers are everywhere, good scanners are available, and today’s software is astonishing. These powerful tools can do amazing things for photo restoration. Now, we scan your original (or we can show you how), and we work serious magic. We use Photoshop and a few other tools to bring your family photos back to life! We hit the print button and deliver the final product – and the audience goes wild…

How We Do Photo Restoration

We offer a variety of photo restoration services. First you scan the originals (see how to scan for restoration). Or we can meet here in southwest Virginia and we’ll scan them. Or you can mail us the originals (see how to ship photos). Once we have an image file, we do the magic on the computer. Then we print the photo or email you the file for you to print. If you like the work, you pay us. If you don’t like the work, you promise to tell us what else we need to do to make you happy. If we can’t meet your needs, you don’t owe us anything except return postage if you sent us the originals. That way, the risk is on us, instead of on you. Note: so far we’ve been able to please ALL of our customers, except one who never got back to us. And that was some time ago.