Reunion Photo Archiving

Organizing a family reunion? Why not have everyone bring their old photos? We can scan them while you celebrate, and the owners will never be more than a dozen yards away from their photos. Reunion photo archiving can make your event extra-special.

  • Each family has their own collection of photos. Or, worse, one family has THE BOX and others have nothing).
  • It would be great it for ALL the families (and their kids) to have copies of ALL the photos.
  • But folks get jumpy about letting their treasured photos out of their sight. And many folks NEVER scan their photos;

Reunion Photo Archiving

LET US HELP. We’ll scan while you party, and these heirlooms will never be more than a dozen yards away from their owners. And EVERYONE gets copies when we’re done!

reunion photo archiving equipment

Here’s how it works:

  1. You book your reunion with us a couple of weeks in advance;
  2. We provide instruction sheets on how to select the photos your family will bring;
  3. You provide us with electricity and a table (or room for us to place the ones we bring);
  4. The folks coming to your reunion all bring their photos with them.
  5. We collect the photos when they arrive and label who brought what.
  6. We put on our white gloves and scan like mad during your party.
  7. We will have the originals ready for folks to retrieve when they leave;
  8. We take orders for CDs/DVDs. Or we can arrange to send you a master that you can duplicate for family members.

The number of photos we can scan in an hour depends on image size and if folks want enlargement or restoration. For typical reunion photo archiving, we expect to scan about 200 photos an hour. If we don’t finish before your guests wish to leave we can ship their photos back later. Or we could arrange for local pickup, or deliver them to the you to return to them.

We also offer enlargement and restoration services for damaged, faded, and color-shifted photos. When we see photos that are likely candidates, we’ll bump up the settings on the scanner. That way we’ll have a better image to work with.

We have several options for folks to consider:

We can charge $37 per hour for this service (minimum three hours). This choice gives you the master CD/DVD to copy and distribute, or
We can charge $15 per disc we mail out, with no change for the scanning we do during your reunion.
This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER – rates may go up. We would encourage you to make a call early.

Book soon! Contact us at 540 577-0933. We concentrate on reunions in Floyd, Carroll, Pulaski, and Montgomery counties. We can expand our range somewhat with extra encouragement, of course. (That means we would need to charge for travel time and expenses.)