Torn photo restoration

Torn photo restoration can give you back a cherished memory. Don’t toss that photo! We can do powerful magic.

Examples of Torn Photo Restoration

The client who took this photo many years ago came close to tossing tossed this picture. When she handed it to me it was rolled up into a one-inch tube, with pieces dangling. The major crack across her waist was ripped through across most of the photo. The top of the photo was only connected to the bottom by the paper at the far left. It was one of the few photos she had of her mother.

torn photo restoration example

Here’s another example which shows how one can replace missing corners and such. We also removed the yellow cast.

torn photo restoration example2
Here’s the image I use on my business card – these are my grandparents. I needed an example of torn photo restoration but I didn’t have one handy. So I printed a faded version, tore it in half myself, rescanned it, and did the repair work. I didn’t start with an old print, but the good image is indeed a ‘fix’ from one I damaged. Here, I kept the old brown color because I thought it added to the photo. Also, it was appropriate for the era.

This is another ripped photo. Ones like this are a lot easier to fix than ones with damaged faces.

torn photo restoration example 3

This photo is from Wikipedia, in their article on digital photo restoration. I took their ‘before’ version and fiddled with it. My results were a bit better than their ‘after’ photo, at least in my opinion.

Torn photo restoration example 5

This color photo isn’t torn – I’ll put in in a different ‘damaged’ section soon. It shows water and mold damage. The photographic paper here was that hideous textured stuff from the 1970s – blech. But we were able to produce a good product for the client.

torn photo restoration 4