You’ve heard of the constant tension between important and urgent.

We’ll grant that photo restoration isn’t particularly urgent.

But we submit that it IS important, and important mostly for your children and the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Please put it on your calendar today to take at least the first step: you know, ‘find the box’ or some such. Then, when you’ve done that, schedule the next step.

Got a good scanner? Scan that photo now: How to Scan for Photo Restoration gives the step-by-step process.

And if you DO have a scanned image, upload it today:
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Or give us a call or drop a note: let’s talk about what we can do to help.

Finally, regarding the not-so-damaged photos in your collection: please consider archiving them so they’ll be available to the next generation. Label ’em so your kids will know who is in the photos, and put ’em on disk so you can give all of your kids (and theirs) a copy. Hire us, hire the kid next door, or do it yourself, but… do it.

Wishing you the best,

Tim and Rini Stephenson
Dapplecreek Damaged Photo Repair